Category: Feed Back

10 Jul by admin

Rajesh Singh

So many of our guests complimented us on your facility and food. It was so beautiful… We were so blessed by you and your family working together to serve us. Thanks so much!
10 Jul by admin

Tridha Mukherjee

Thank you so much! You guys were great and everything went perfect! Thanks for making our wedding day the best!
10 Jul by admin

Niladri Saha

This venue is absolutely gorgeous and very spacious. I had a website launch party at this venue and it was amazing! This venue is great for all occasions, whether you want to have a wedding reception or birthday party, this is the venue for you.
10 Jul by admin

Arunima Lahiri

Excellent experience, seemed so good to have everything taken care of.  I have nothing but praise for Bandhan Banquet Hall…
4 Jul by admin

Soumyadeep Sen

The hall set up/lights-all so beautiful.  Very friendly staff.  We were very happy... Soumyadeep Sen